The Last Chance to Publish My Stories at Bargain Rates Story Contest for Online(or print, whatever) Magazines

by David Ackley



Owing to an unprecedented surplus of self-composed literary materials in my possession, along with a congenital inability to choose the publication deserving of these MAJOR WORKS OF LITERARY GENIUS, I and my colleagues here at Ackley Central are holding a ONE-TIME ONLY CONTEST to allow deserving literary magazines with little experience of MAJOR WORKS OF LITERARY GENIUS to compete for the honor of publishing these EXCEPTIONAL VALUES and the instant OPPORTUNITY to ELEVATE their publications and the nonentities they normally feature with the company of work by FUTURE NOBEL LOCK... well... me.



First time temporary rights of publication( Not to include ancillary rights to Movie, Paperback, or indeed anything other than momentary showing of the work chosen during the one week of exclusive publication following which all rights including archival revert to the author.)to one of the following selections from my (unpublished) works:

MY LIFE AND LOVES (rewrite) 1867, 2011

“Lady with a Pit Bull” (No apologies to Chekhov),1996

ON THE MERRITT PARKWAY, 1953 ( The one that showed Kerouac the road.)

“Bartleby the Microserf”, Late last week.



One day publication rights to a work of my choosing from the slush pile of stories rejected by such first rank magazines as The New Yorker, The Paris Review and The Atlantic: A rare chance to place your magazine, if only in sharp contrast, among your betters.



A brief interview with me, which will then allow you to FEATURE my name in BIG LETTERS on the cover. 

Contest Rules:


Only magazines with no experience of publishing MAJOR WORKS etc. may participate.

$10. Entry fee--non-refundable. (Use our handy submissions manager and Paypal with the link below.)

A ten page letter accompanying your entry fee which details the REWARDS you expect TO reap from PUBLISHing MY WORK.

Entry Deadline: Dec. 24, 2011.

Prize winners and list of 75 Honorable Mentions to be announced Dec. 25, 2011.