Eat a Banana today, Save a Friend Tomorrow

by Darryl Price

Even if it's true, I've seen you dance, 
you brought me so high, you were flying. 
I've watched as you danced the good necessary 
medicine right into a 

room. It came from your feet, not your lit 
up head. Your name is such a lovely 
melody. I've sung it many times 
to ease my own aching mind. Even 

if it's true, I'm going to rejoice at 
the natural phenomenon of you 
alone, dancing by the light of the 
full moon tonight. So even if it's 

all coming true, true, true and we are 
heading for the thresher of the soul's 
unimaginable love, I will 
always remember your voice like a 

gliding swan in watery motion, 
like a staircase to the stars, inviting 
me to ascend. Even if it's 
only true if you believe it, you 

make it better. Even if it's true, 
thank you for appreciating your 
body and honoring the gate that 
swings both inwards and outwards, with your 

wonderful, graceful alphabetical 
arms, legs and feet. That is who you 
are, too. It doesn't always have to 
be one way. Birds have a way and a 

wisdom. Trees have their way and special 
wisdom. The wind may seem random, but 
it's as alive as you and me. Even
if it is true, our time together

is miracle enough to remember
to be here now. I just want to say,
for the record, you have been true
as yourself, and it's made all the difference

to me. Even if it's true,
and we shall never meet on the path
again, I have come to delight in
the knowledge that you are a life source. 

Bonus poem:

Pencil to Paper

by Darryl Price

I am dying to believe the bombs are 
not real. Even though they put their arms all 
around you, they are lying. Even if 
they read you this poem, they are lying. 
Even when they shake hands, they are lying. 
They speak in mousetraps. They are wrong about 
everything. I am your friend and I wish 

you no harm. They sue their own hearts, like a 
hungry fire, to consume everyone 
and also everything. Even if they 
put a hand to your cheek, tenderly, they 
are lying. They're wicked old owls inside. 
That is why I can't be where you are. I 
DO NOT OBEY THEM. Even if they put
their arms around you, they are pretending 
to be naked. Tell me where the pain is, 
point to it. Ah, the house has gone silent. 
The sky is silent. The mountain is so 
silent, Only if you're not listening. 
Would you still like to see everything you've 
seen before? I was the boy who thought you 

were pretty. The rain called to us through an 
open window. I ask because there must 
be some explanation for the madness. 
I'm eating all the beauty I can, but 
it's not enough. The poem won't beat the 
emperor of death. If they lament for 
mankind, they're lying. The hate is the lie.