A Series of Questions for Our Most Recent Electoral College Winner

by Christian Bell

What grade is your son Bannon in?  Where does he go to school?

Which of these three American authors did not win the Nobel Prize for Literature—John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, or Kitty Kelley?

In terms of health insurance, what does it mean to have to meet a deductible?

Name the chemical symbol for any one of the following three elements: potassium, nitrogen, helium.

Which one of the following three American presidents was not assassinated—Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Pierce, or William McKinley?

What is the square root of 121?

Which of the following three states does not share a border with Canada—North Dakota, Maine, or Wyoming?

Is a dolphin considered a fish or a mammal?

Name one of the countries that emerged from the 1990s breakup of Yugoslavia.

Name at least two of the seven colors of the spectrum.

Which has more fat, whole milk or 2% milk?

Name one city that was key in the development of jazz music.

In the equation 5x + 5 = 30, what is the value of x?

In music, what does “CD” stand for?  In finance, what does “CD” stand for?

Name the last two territories that became states in the United States of America.

Name five presidents who held the office before 1900.

Name one actor who was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

What language is primarily spoken in the country of Brazil?

True or false—in a company's balance sheet, total assets are supposed to equal total liabilities and stockholder's equity.

A right angle has how many degrees?

Name any prior monarch of Great Britain/England.

How does one calculate a publicly traded company's market capitalization?

How many ounces are in a liter? Ok to give a rounded whole number.

Give one example of an integer.

What does “PhD” stand for?

In what year did the attack on Pearl Harbor occur?

Name one type of dinosaur.

In which country does the Pope make his residence?

Which one of the following three is not a desert on our planet—Ganges, Atacama, or Sahara?

Name a year that was within five years (before or after) of the start of the French Revolution.

The country Wakanda features prominently in the “Black Panther” movie and comic books.  Is this or was this ever a real African country?

Name any major league baseball player who has ever won a Most Valuable Player award.

Provide a rough description of the Atlantic Ocean.

What is a homeowners association?

Prior to the recently passed tax legislation, was an individual able to deduct credit card interest on his or her annual tax returns?

A standard personal computer has a hard drive.  Give a rough explanation of what a hard drive does.