The New Dam

by Chris Okum

They blew up the one thing standing between them and the flood. They blew up the dam. And when they were asked why they did it they said, Because we didn't like the dam. They said, Because we want a new dam. And plus we were thirsty. This is what they said. They said, We were really thirsty. And then they laughed and said, We're just kidding. When they found out how many people had been killed by the flood they said, So what. They said, there's more people, it's not like there aren't more people, look, there are some people over there if you're so interested in people. None of them could agree on what the new dam should look like. They all agreed that the new dam should be as big and as wide as possible. None of them was an engineer, although one of them was related to an engineer, and this is who they chose to build the new dam, the one who was not an engineer but who was related to one. They said, What's the difference. Then they thought about it and they decided they didn't really care about the dam after all. It made no difference to them if there was a new dam or not. They were just bored and couldn't think of anything better to do. So they blew up the dam. So what.