Kim & 'Fred

by Chris Okum

I love you Kim, said 'Fred. I love you too, said Kim. You don't love me, said 'Fred, and I understand that now, I accept it. Kim said, I love you. 'Fred said, You can't, but I don't care, I'm going to love you anyway. Thank you, said Kim. No one is blaming you for anything, said 'Fred, especially not me, you didn't do anything to me, this was all my doing, you had no choice, and I understand that now. You are so sweet, said Kim. Kim tried to let go of 'Fred's hand. Kim told 'Fred she had to go. Fred told her that he understood that now. 'Fred would not let go of Kim's hand. Kim looked at 'Fred. Kim looked at the man standing next to her. The man standing next to Kim punched 'Fred in the side of the head. 'Fred hit the ground. Kim said, Thank you. Fred said, You're welcome. He looked at his watch. It was a little after noon and it was already dark.