Mario World Haiku

by brian warfield

Vast expanse of terrain
I see blocks hovering in air
Mountains in the distance

I hit a coinbox
Repeatedly with my head
Coins burst forth

Box full of questions
Out of which sprouts a mushroom
Makes me bigger

Squat on a tube
Go down to the world below
Buy more lives

Underground labyrinth
Frantically collecting coins
Go back up the tube

I run into
Something; it touches me
I am made small

I hit a box
Heart jumps out, catch it
Extra life

Leap over the abyss
If you are big you can break boxes
Sometimes there is something in them

I hop on a turtle
He turns into a bomb and explodes
I am far away

Hit a box
A star flies out
Invincible power

I pass a sphynx
Get a whole bunch of coins
They spell my name

Moving platforms
Up and down, side to side
Jump up to next level