Dinner with Someone Who Fucks Someone Else


say no
to me
and devastate me
and I will take it
as god's will
to drown me
in a vat
of my own 
to dissolve me
into pure light

to push
my flesh
through a fine mesh
and collect me
as pink mush
on the other side

to spread me
on some cosmic
and eat me 
for lunch

on a fine friday
in heaven 
as he sits on a bench
at the park
looking at the ducks

telling himself
what a fine day
what a fine day
what a fine day
to pull apart
a human being
like you would
a flower, 
as you go

he loves me
he loves me not
he loves me
he loves me not
be the one
to crush me
until my guts
pour from the gaps
of your fingers

and i will only 
ever thank you
for allowing me
to touch your hands

for allowing your hands
to touch me

your beautiful
delicate hands