Edge of Wolf

by Tim Young

edge of wolf

howls and howls past

sunflowers and skeletons

raging bending rivers

clouded in a shroud of soldiers

tasting weapons in mouthsection break

knick knacks stare from shelf

continue to dance in dark

when humans go away

wolf glances deep in crevice

sun hides frightened tear drops

explosions drifting out of tune

sprouting like mushroomssection break

mind sets turn on televisions

test patterns like

foot prints in sand

ask no questions until

edge of wolf parks last cigarette 

in red fire zone

blood on handles curdles

like no chance in ancient alleyssection break

X marks spot

in curious driveways

across america

silence spreads like rumors

darkness my old friend

coughs hard and fast while

white wolf slices fresh petals

deep in disturbed lakessection break

motionless memories glide

hiding in turmoil

faster than hell

not to be found

crushing dinosaur bones

until wolf turns back

gripping knowledge by the throat 

struggling past pain

sunflowers and skeletons

nowhere to run
section break