by Tim Young




There's an eagle in the waves

The mighty talons have scratched the surface

Eagle eyes have penetrated the foam

Fish in school duck and cover

Even sharks dart for deeper lairs

A whiff of feathers is danger

Wingspans send the naked clams to the showers

Dizzy lobsters dive for the rock

Barracuda bend like rubber bands

And stretch themselves too thin

Meanwhile a sharp eagle head

Sips wine and peruse the menu

Swordfish most recently

Barked up the wrong seaweed

With tart lemon caper sauce

Sliced thick and extra juicy

Only the witty stingray

Dares ask about dessert

Eagle orders oysters




The powerful hooked beak

Looked such a part of the curl

Wet vision thrown off course

Tumble and turmoil

All down the line

Fish flesh almost torn

To the naked bone

Shreds of ligaments and meat

Capsized in cement shoes

But nothing escaped

Being swallowed whole

Like a snake

Bones dealt with much later

Skinny skeletons lined up

And chosen for the next dance

Davey Jones' music

Bubbling up like champagne

Tickling exquisite eagle tongue

Letting loose a laugh



It was an eagle in the waves

Those eyes make no mistake

 Especially from a mile high

Blue fish and tuna

Too dumb to run

Then netted by their panic

Caught out the in door

Raised by razor hooks

Converted to true believers

Last rites sprayed in the wind

Forever and ever

Confessed bird of prey