Cracked Heart Reigns in My Eyes

by Tim G. Young

Rainy eyes fall fast somewhere
close to me
Riding the wind like lust
motions hold my heart fast
Is it true we were once both there
There in the middle of everything
I pick up memories
as if I lost them

But memories rush
inside my head
overflow in wild streams
before nothing is lost
before anytime can determine the cost
And I love you that's the truth
memories be damned

Hello in there
In the heart of my
heart's hottest fires
where thirst is never quenched 
taking me a lifetime to lift the ladle
while the windows inside of me
cracks and breaks 
until I can't see correctly
Focus faint
depth of field
closing in until I kill

Color my curls
tight like a spring
jumping into the sky
just a sky sip away
a sip like a new girlfriend
sitting so close to me
touching me in every new time
like a guitar strumming in my mind
Then here comes the poet
the writer to give it all right back
to us so we could even decide
for ourselves if so inclined

Oh shit then the drums kick in
and feels like a rocket
shot off the pad
cruising like an RPG
right on track
no stopping now my love
Can't describe the feeling
My pants falling past my knees
hard as a rock
lifts my spirits

Watching my fingers fly into
the face of lazy butterflies
as they stop and watch me
but they don't know anything about me
because they think they do
what a farce
riding inside of the space
between hearts
between the three and four
the drummer understands
twirls his sticks and smiles
like a spider in his web

Finding love in the shadow
of your heart
stepped back from the glare
of the sun
hurting me
like my hand in a vise
growing tighter and tighter
scrounging for mercy
clawing at the crack
in my mind
losing each hand
from a five dollar blackjack stand
until I can't taste the truth
cause it's rolled over
encased in grease
deep fried