I Just Got Some Yahoo

by Smiley McGrouchpants

               "Remember before Big Mama DeVos chose schools for everyone?"
               All he got was a look of paranoid eyes, focused on him, saying Why go through that again?
               Clothes in rags — secondhand, but not hipster "thrift" — in a way that smacked of Soviet Russia, Marsha sat at the bland table with the rest of them ("Be happy with what you get" über-capitalism had prevailed), lowering her head in her hands, like she could barely stand to hear it.  One more load in her head, one more ache . . . for what?
               "My kid's going to DePauw University  clear across the country!  to study with some Professor Angleton, descendant of the spook, who  "
               "Don't call 'em spooks!"  Florence burned fury, in her eyes, at the betrayer.  Don't tilt our applecart . . . 
               Since her rage was consuming her ability to finish the thought  she seemed to've not noticed she didn't follow through  Marsha took the trouble, again, to footnote, to fill-in-the-blanks: "It's parlance."  Speaking was like lifting a giant rock; she parsed it out to a couple-few phrases, to avoid becoming overtired.  "Smacks of 'insiderdom,' and traitorous thinking!"
               "Oh!"  Bill's eyes went up, clueless.  (He had been named after the Rev. Hicks, a revered satirical firebrand from the past century, when TV ran programs other than commercials, infomercials, and op-eds, and the Internet existed in other than truncated-down-to-two-tin-cups-and-string level.)  "I had no ideer—"
               But someone shot him dead.  The crack of the rifle echoed, absurdly, before the image of his blood spattered with brains out his head and his torso teetering forward onto his Franklin Mint™ lunchplate right in front of you caught up with you . . . 
               "Not us," Florence said, her eyes dimmed by now at least.
               It was all they could think of to say next, anyway.
               They went back to their WalMart™ potato salad.

                                                              TH' ENDING
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