Excerpt from 'Leanna Writes to Emma Forrest'

by Smiley McGrouchpants

From: Leanna MacFarlane
To:  Emma Forrest
Date:  Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 5:45 AM
Subject:  RE: Your 8/27 blog on Psycho-Pseudo-"Synth Icons"

Dear Emma:

     Just a quick note, but you know what I've found, as a general principle?
     The moment you say something -- in regards to your observance of others -- along the lines of "Call me crazy, but . . . " [you said: "Perhaps unusual brain wiring leads me to make these associations?"] the chances are, you're actually noticing a pattern of craziness in others!
     Why are "synth icons" (no, I can't think of a more specific "index" than that, so I'll just stick with the way you put it, for the time being) an appropriate "mold" for these warped fuckers to model themselves after?
     Who knows?
     Who could know (except, of course, the "crazies" themselves . . . )?
     But, this I can all-but-guarantee you: having fit themselves into this "likeness" plays no small part in giving them the "confidence" they need to pursue their warped ends.  (Pointing out "No, you don't actually look that much like Dave Gahan" may or may not help burst their bubble, however).
     Just thought I'd give you my "two cents."

Leanna MacFarlane
Portland, OR (SE)

P.S.  I just got around to reading Cherries in the Snow this summer.  FUCKING AWESOME!  (If you don't mind my saying so.  "Pardon my French," and all.)