What It Takes

by K. Augustus

So tell me what it takes.

My wallet is so fat
I sit lopsided. 

I have a yacht.
No miles on it. 

My house in Manila
overlooks the bay. 

We could live there
if you like. 

It is furnished,
air conditioned. 

My credit card
says “Platinum.”

My flatscreen is so flat
sideways you cannot see it. 

Here. Look. 

When I check
my bank account balance

the numerals exceed the length
of my computer screen. 

My family owns an island,
off the western coast.

The natives
have started an insurgency. 

Come visit. 

I have an extensive 
collection of rugs.

A rare one, my favorite,
made from human skin. 

See for yourself.

I snack on small
pieces of gold. 

It is good 
for my skin. 

Have some. 

Tell me what it takes. 

All of this is yours.