What in Hell is Green Cheese Anyway?

by Mathew Paust

Bloody Mary is the

Girl I love bum bum bum bum...

Damn tune's earworming me this morning

Started when Facebook apprised me I'd missed the lunar eclipse last night

The one Facebook had told me earlier Sunday would be a

"Blood Red Moon”

Hoo boy

Not sure I've ever seen one of those

It was a miserable, tundra night: icy, biting winds

Wolf weather

There was a time discomfort wouldn't have mattered

When the eclipse would have mattered

When the kids were kids

When my heart was young

Now it's Blue Moon haunting me

Getting old

Me and the Moon magic

Armstrong started the decline for me

Of the magic

When he muffed his prepared extemporaneous exclamation

His “man...a man” thing

What a disappointment

What a sullying of a mythic moment

The snuffing of myth itself

Or maybe the perfect irony:

Man's giant leap-cum-pratfall

Lunar laugh prevailing

Well, ain't that too damn bad!

Wonder if Neil woulda watched last night.