It Is True that Me and Theodore Swallowed Pop Rocks and Pepsi Cola and Now We Are Dead

by Mary Hamilton

Come on over and sit at my lunch table Baby. It's all right, you can bring your chocolate pudding cup. Bring me one too, I swear to god, they put cocaine in those things, that's how addictive. Actually, Baby, bring as much as you can carry, make sure you get one for you and one for me and one for everyone you love. Like how you pray at night. When you kneel in front of your crosses and votive candles. And you list out all the names, in order, of all the people you love. And it takes you hours, this prayer, and all you can think about is how much you love. And how it makes you hurt in your chest and your stomach and you just need to lie down, you just need to get on the floor, all curled up, like a baby, like a seashell, because you are so sure that you are going to explode inside out from all the love.

Hey, come on over and sit next to me baby, like almost on my lap, like almost touching, like two magnets are held real close to each other and they start to shiver because all they want is to get connected. Bring your chocolate pudding cup, Baby, bring your milk. And we'll put two straws in that little blue carton and act like we're teeny-boppers in a malt shoppe. Like olden times. Only we won't be so innocent and we ain't no black and white, we're Technicolor, we're the wild kind, the new blood. I'll pull out my ponytail and swing my hair around and wear too much makeup. Oh but Baby, don't you worry because here at this table, in this corner of the cafeteria we are in another place, another world, where we make the rules and we decide the tides and we run the games that rule this table, in this corner in this cafeteria, so why don't you just come over here and sit with me, Baby?

I got a little space, right here, right next to me where you can sit and yeah, Baby, you can bring your chocolate pudding cup. If you sit here, Baby, I promise you nothing but love. An honest kind of love. The kind of love without fear, without doubt, no questions asked love. Just you and me and a lunch tray, Baby. It's nice at this table, it's real over here. We take care of you at this table, Baby. If you follow our rules and if you catch our speed, and if you play our game right, we'll put a letter on your jacket and a stripe on your sleeve and we'll make you the captain of our hopscotch team. We'll be like your cheerleaders with pom-poms in the halls and ribbons springing out from our hands every time you walk by, Baby. All you have to do, the only thing you have to do is come over here, Baby, and sit next to me.

So come on, Baby, sit here, right here, I've got a space for you. Big enough for your big broad shoulders and nice strong hands. And, Baby, bring your chocolate pudding cup, bring it over here. And we'll peel the seal and you can have the first spoonful and I'll take the next and the whole time we are sharing that pudding cup, the whole time we are being nourished with whatever it is they put inside, the whole time, Baby, it'll be just you and me. Just us. At this table, in this corner of the cafeteria, we make our own rules, Baby, and if we want to, we can make this chocolate pudding cup last forever and the whole time we are spooning through it, we will be one being filled with love, honest and true. The kind of love that comes from mom, the kind of love that comes from the center of a cinnamon roll. A big blanket love. A stars in the sky love. An every little thing love. A sentimental reason love. The kind of love that comes from being comfortable and warm and secure and taken care of and all kinds of easy, Baby. So why don't you just come over here? To this table, in this corner of the cafeteria. And sit next to me? Right here, Baby. I've got a little space for you. That's right, stand up, stand up and walk. Walk over to me, Baby. Sit with me. Right here. Right next to me. And don't you worry, don't you worry your head one little bit, because we'll take care of you Baby. You're in my arms now. You belong to me.