when we danced

by Kitty Boots

you were so caught up in the exuberance
arms flailing, little feet pushing in and out, punctuating each sentence, discussing literature at the same time, white hair flying
spittle on your goatee

different than Shayla, bored with the pool table
it's worn, almost rusty felt
all the good cues held for ransom
along with the obligatory blue chalk

so we danced
slow, arm's length at first
and then we held each other close, both smelling of the beach

Gina would take the dance floor by herself
moving like a chicken pecking for scratch
I joined her for "Rain on the Roof"

Axel, boot-scooting at Eve's Rusty Nail
he was patient, but ornery
lines too long at the restroom
I joined Dixie and Johnny to pee out back
"Dammit, I just pissed all over my new eel skin boots," said Dixie

Disco came...  Tweety Bird with his dance partner
(we nicknamed her Praying Mantis, she looked like one)
took the floor, so stylized and perfect

I can't remember dancing again