White Room

by Gary Percesepe

 You can call on beauty still and it will leap from all directions ~ Adrienne Rich


That night if you had asked what do you want?

I'd have answered by holy nightfall I want

to fill my mouth with your name while your lips

graze my bare skin like hidden cobwebs till


some letters detach from my alphabet       

a door opens     a blinkered horse on a

cobblestone boulevard neighs loudly  &

the swing of a stirrup      the ash of stars


astride your heaving chest as the last light

of December drains from the eastern sky

let's lie on the sofa in your white room

lift your legs and rest them on my shoulders


place your dimpled pink toes soft in my mouth

turn off the television and hold me now

later we'll wrap bright presents for your girls

I'll slip black pearls around your nut brown neck

and drink beside the blinking Christmas tree.