What the Trees Were Experiencing

by Darryl Price

that day but in their elephant slowness it
seemed no more than the regular run of the sun slightly
disappearing here and then maybe reappearing like a lost color way over there or the finally
warming up to us wind's hands applied to the bruised
and broken places. It had to be so.You
were so lovely to feel falling against the day with
its eager tree buds trying desperately
to touch your life giving hair and even your thin clothes seemed
like some organic part of the whole turning
into green landscape of just thawed winter that
you embodied like a clear mountain stream able
to walk around among the mortal world that
for some reason...I never questioned your right
to be this beautiful. I was there. I saw
you flow over and among them as if you
were made of everything at once and therefore
could just as easily pass through any substance as
long as there was some light and a little wind to navigate by.But
in retrospect even I know you only
get to pass that way once if you are somewhat lucky in life's short embrace.
We were lucky. I found you and you found me
and together we let go of all the things
binding people to their sorrows. In this way
we blessed our sorrows with the only acceptance
lovers have to give before we left the
garden once more as always for the newer never
lands of the inevitable forever, been and gone.
Darryl Price  040210dp