Unseen (a Five-Pointed Star with Four Streaming Lights Coming Out of Its Back)

by Darryl Price

What you see us doing here is not so much and
all we are not being there either. Our kissing mouths may not 
always be singing but we are constantly praying for you and for more rain or less rain, rivers as the situation warrants. Don't worry. We
don't believe in a god who hates
gay people or believes in slavery or

thinks of women as cattle. We only
play to strum into the ears of
the universe a new difference, a peace
offering. One that proposes a love supreme.
What we are actually doing is dancing

with everything. To dance is to mean
what you say, to feel what you
are as it connects from body to
body throughout time, even bodies of water,
even bodies of stars, even bodies of

dreamers dreaming in infinite space, even bodies
of texts. We do all this on 
purpose.You must know this by now. It is
done for you but not only for you.
Because it is in harmony with the

ancient trees on the arms and legs
of mother earth sending and receiving the
wisdom to care. Because it is an
act that can be carried out at
any time from any place by anyone.

It is not a religion. It is
not a joke. It is not anything
but people. I like to think of
it as poetry but that's just me.






All That Exists, Perceived By This State of Mind, Is Wounded,Ruined, Killed or Just Absorbed

by Darryl Price


Time's a bent to hell postcard. Its meaning gets creased and

folded more each day. You've gotten yours

mailed too late. Can't help it if bad

weather got in the way. Call it

a solar flare. A fizzled failing star.

Your name was written on top of ice.

It melted way too fast on the way down. The one robber

wind we couldn't push hard enough against, sent

your way, be it by fallen tree or half-eaten moon,

heard out in the world's soft places where you

alone would notice its falling feathers, I swear,

in the sky in the water as

it flapped and swirled by like a scrawl

of blowing leaves.All for you. I never meant

those notes to disintegrate. Thought

you'd continue their strange flight straight back

to me again and again til

closing circles would bring us face

to face at last. Until one smile

could be pressed neatly onto another.

One hand would light a candle with

the heat between palms simply by

tipping to the other with real hot

intent. By now that smoke and ash

have melted into the landscape forever.

If there is new laughter among

the pines it stays clearly within

its own distance. But there are still unsaid

things to come. As you can see. There are these

small sad etchings just barely visible

on settled stones. Saying what I

can't fathom. We have not been found.


What I Want To Put To You

by Darryl Price


doesn't give up on new

seasons. I've tried to keep it

in pretty good shape, I'm only

one keeper of that next

eternal go-around. Oh let them

ride their watery horses to death,

sharpened on wheels of trophy

teeth, tearing the earth of its

most beautiful softly lumbering dreams. What

they don't know is it doesn't

matter if the music solidifies

in mid-air. It

will play on. This too shall flicker

and pass. This cannot stand the clock of doom. It's

written across their sun hurt eyes.

In the meantime here we are

and here we shall remain for

our love is in us. They shall

extinguish the sun and still

not kill that lighted reign. There's also

the story of their own hauntings.

Let's switch topics then and return

to see through sad meanings swathed between us.

I realize you have your

own weather conditions to

consider before thinking

about mine. This is simply

why I must address you so,

to speak your name without giving

away your sacrifice. I've

already packed my life back

into the collar of my

coat. It is done without remorse.

This is the closest I

may come to ever holding your hand again.

I do so gladly, with overwhelming

bliss. That's the catch,

if there is one, and if there

isn't, we need never mention

it. I've already seen

you next to me. I know the

beauty that stirs awake in

your presence. I have felt it

awaken all my senses

with a single jolt. It isn't

much, these words, for they won't

feed you, or clothe you, but please

know they also don't abandon you.