Two Takes on a Flickering Moth on a Screen

by Darryl Price


Take 1. Letter to an Unspoken Name


We're well beyond our appointed

Moment now. We must step

On what's left, alone, but

That begs some explanation to

These days that pinball between

Stars and to dreamers everywhere—


That we were not kind

To ourselves, that our deeds

Contained no exits to each

Other's arms, again, forever. You

May say this is not

Hateful, but ordinary life, still


I wish to err on

The side of the impossible

Look in your eyes when

First we met and the

Contract signed there by my

Own soul. I was not


Coerced. I was not bewitched.

Simply I was glad to

Be alive because that's where

You were to be found.

The voyage out was your

Lack of courage while I


Drowned on those tears. We

Must stand in line with

A bunch of familiar strangers

For the final count of

Our capacity to love until

Love buries itself, the universe,


In molten embrace. I will

Not fail to carry your

Name forward. You can know

That. It was true then

And so remains my heart's

Purpose, to always pronounce that flame.

Take 2. With Moon

Some part of me knew

I was melting at your

feet. I didn't mind one

bit. The hardest part was

watching you walk away into

the reflection of my rippling

heart. All these years later

I still miss your song,

the way it coughed up

your words in the sweetest

possible way. I can't help

but leave you this poem

now while I'm still around

to give it meaning and

I do. I don't regret

any moment spent in your

presence, that's the remarkable thing,

the beautiful thing, that I'll always

cherish. I can't wish any

more for you than you've

hoped for yourself already. I

trust you to pursue your

dreams and isn't that enough?

I don't believe in goodbyes,

so hello, I'll see you.