Nothing Ever Stays

by Darryl Price



The same, some things you

Can't explain, most trees

Have felt it go bone dry at the roots before.

I've learned to let love

Go bye bye. You think they don't   

Want to answer your pathetic knocks,

But they're constantly

Calling back to you through rocks and soil. Words are the

Last thing I'd use to

Say goodbye. Goodbye.Goodbye.


No one ever stays

The same.  Problems come

And go. People scare me. Certain trees you see

Have recorded a whole  

History of sun   

And rain, others have

Been scorched by a different

Kind of weather and stand for emergencies,

Weeping all the day long.

Nothing ever stays


At the beginning.

I'm not forgetting

The lightning. Nothing ever stays on fire. We

Giggle. We occupy.

We scribble down.

There are branches old

Enough now that they look

Right through you in their presence. Why this should still  

Comfort me so deeply I simply

Don't know.I can't say. God speed you, my friend, always.