The Quiet-Minded One

by Christopher J. Snyder

              Sometimes, when it's quiet, I can remember what my life was like before moving to Cedar Springs.
              Mostly, though . . .
              Wait, what was it?
              Real bloody.
              You wouldn't want to hear about that, though . . . 
              Oh, wait — loosen the ropes, you say?
              Can't do that.
              What's that?
              They hurt?
              Well, terribly sorry and all but . . . isn't that supposed to be the point?
              Don't worry about it.
              It won't be long now.
              He'll be back, and . . . 
              Oh, quit yer cryin'.
              You knew it'd come to this, didn't ya?
              Behave . . . and maybe it'll go better for you.
              Say — what'd'ya try to pull that crap for, anyway?
              Running away like that . . . 
              Look, I know he's your brother, and all, but you shouldn't have tried to protect him.
              Believe me, we're all better off now he's dead.
              He never told you, did he?
              Wait — you knew?
              You knew, didn't you?
              Don't try to lie — no point in that now.
              Well, just as well.
              You'll get what's coming to you, too.
              Up — here he comes.
              That must be his truck rattling up the driveway.
              Shit — it's the POLICE!
              Stay down — stay down.
              I don't care that you're tied to the chair!
              Duck your head, or somethin'!
              I ain't comin' out of the house, let alone with my hands up . . . 
              Shut UP!
              Damn it.
              Damn it . . . 
              Damn it!
              Shut UP!
              You yell one more time — shut UP!
              Shit — did I just — did I just . . . 
              Is that my blood?
              Why is the window broken?
              I feel dizzy . . . I feel dizz . . I fe—

                                          THE END