The Great Dying, Pt. 2

by Christopher J. Slimeball-McNugget

        Over 100 million years ago, a lot of living creatures kicked the bucket.
        It was pretty sad.
        But now — guess what?  We've set the stage for a bigger — and better! — event.
        Peak oil.
        Unsustainable infrastructural debt — you like that concept? owed-from-before updates to institutions . . . think of it as a really, really full “IN” box.
        Overpopulation.  (Resource drain, and people walkin' round who “ain't raised right!”)
         of the global economy is black-market; cartels all but rule Mexico, and that's obvious!  (By now . . . other countries, hello?  Russia?  Malaysia?  You wanna guess?)
        Lockheed-Martin's a planet; there's other planets, sure, but most of us have a micro-economy to play with . . . “Have fun, kiddies!  Use these Legos and building blocks.”
        Focus on it.

“Great!  Great.  I got your message . . . yeah, it's a little long.  It's 140 words, not characters . . . yeah, Tweet length, that's what we're paying you for . . . How 'bout, ‘SAVE THE PLANET, DICKHEADS'?  ‘DON'T PARTY TOO HARD'?  Nah, not at these rates — What?  What's that you say?  ‘KEEP COOL, BUT CARE'?  Sounds good!  That's the sort of original work we're paying you for . . . Say, you didn't get that from a novel, did you?”


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