A Season of Grieving . . .

by Amantine B

This has been a dramatic and in many cases, a deeply traumatising year, with much lost in all manner of ways, not only by physical loss of loved ones to Covid19. Fictionaut has been a place of grace for me personally and I am ever appreciative of the tribe I find among you splendid and brave folk.

It's lovely and reassuring to learn that some miss my writing here and let me know it: This time however I am writing to invite anyone of you here, who might be interested in contributing, to send me poems short fictions, prose poems or experimental forays into the themes of being and loss, for a new Rare Swan Press collection; A SEASON OF GRIEVING.

After so much of personal, social, and not least, political upheaval, it feels now is the right time to offer you a space in which you might explore aspects of the past year, and perhaps to look forward too,  in all our deep discomforts, of the violence we've seen, the speaking up and speaking out in spite of the uncertainties and those rare moments of joy and connection, when wildlife ventured into human terrain and other more personal moments which have had so many of us revisiting our assumptions, if not beliefs abut how life might be lived meaningfully.

The first of these contributors has been Mark Fiddes, honouring his close friend who died from Covid 19 ...


It would be a deeply personal honour to host your work too.


A/ R