darkskyI would go so far as to say I am an actual fan of Dark Sky. You should be too. Fictionauter and Dark Sky “Guy” Kevin Murphy made some time to check in, saltily as was expected.

Q (Nicolle Elizabeth): Kevin Murphy, what is Dark Sky’s history? What is Dark Sky’s “Deal,” dude. Its thing. What is Dark Sky‘s thing?

We got going in 2007 as an online weekly arts magazine. We published fiction and poetry and photography and visual art and some film reviews. It was fun. Now we focus solely on literature, which is also fun, and closer to the heart. We are a blog and a magazine, combined. Recently we started publishing books. We like books.

Three authors Dark Sky admires/takes cues from/is into?

We don’t really take cues from authors. Authors write stories. We write about those stories, publish those stories, and enjoy those stories. There are hundreds of solid authors from whom I’ve gained countless hours of misery/bliss. I’d list them, but I don’t really like lists.

Dark Sky’s favorite brand of soap?

IronyIsDead Body Wash

Tell us about you. Think of me as free publicity shamelessly. It’s my thing.

Ah, well, hmm. I live on an island outside of Seattle. I’m left-handed. I like making homemade pasta. My wife and I are working on a graphic novel about a kid named Grotto. Other than that, just check out the magazine.

Anything else you want to include here like the hundreds of questions I might have missed. Seriously, anything. It’s fine, go.

We’re real excited about the two collections of poetry we’ve published — Ben Mazer’s January 2008 and Seth Berg’s Muted Lines From Someone Else’s Memory. We’ll have two more titles coming out soon. And there’s always new stuff going down on the site, which is the result of the committed hard work our editors and contributors put in every day.

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